Crystal to SSRS - Can you get extra parameters asked after you run the report?


I have several requests to uplift Crystal reports to SSRS but some of them pop up a parameter window after clicking Print Preview so extra parameters can be entered, if I do this on SSRS it throws an error, does anybody know if this is possible?

Thank you!

If you use a SQL query and have the report render in a web browser then you can. However if you are using a modified RDD report then I don’t believe you can because it renders the report then displays the PDF (or whatever selected format you choose) without bringing up the report its own ‘Viewer’ which is what Crystal did, which allowed for parameters after the report was ran.

I have done it with a SQL query straight on SSRS but this is required for reports within Epicor (Base Report customized and BAQ Reports).

That’s a bummer!

Thank you for your response.

For BAQ reports you can create option fields that are tied to ReportParameter.Character01 (or something like that) then use those in your report to create additional parameters. However I’m not sure on how to add additional parameters to RDD reports.