Cumulative lead time not including purchased material lead time

I have a manufactured part that contains a purchased material with a lead time of 60 days. When the lead time calculation is executed, it results in the manufacturing lead time of 30 days (receive time + mfg time). I have read the MRP tech. ref. and it shows in an example that purchase lead times should be included. I also have the correct settings checked for include in LT calc in plant setup. Has anyone had experience with this issue?


Matthew Lawless
Mackay Consolidated Industries.

Do you have the Advanced Production Scheduling module? I don’t know if that would affect this, but I do know that the Constrained Materials feature won’t work without it, so MRP won’t forward schedule considering material purchase times without it; maybe they’re connected (as they should be).

I don’t understand how this field can be useful. It must calaculate the lead time to produce one part - right? How is that helpful?