Lead Times for Purchased Part

Good morning,

Using E10, Classic UX.

I have an MRP PO Suggestion for a part with a 60 day lead time, which is not accurate. The Part Entry screen correctly states a 20 day lead time, under Sites tab, Purchasing Box. The most recent entry (most recent effective date) for the part in Supplier Price list also indicates the correct lead time of 20 days.

Where is the MRP pulling the lead time of 60 days from?

TIA for the help!

Check the supplier parts tab in supplier price list. I believe there is another field there.

Hi Lucas,

Also watch out for the urgent lead time. That will get used if the part is below safety stock when the PO suggestion is made.


I forget all the places but there is a hierarchy for how LT is pulled on PUR Parts. I wish I could find my old notes on this because it was very helpful.

Also check if the supplier has a production calendar attached and what days are used for working days with that calendar.