Custom code

Can custom c# code be used in Kinetic just like in Epicor 10’s Script editor of the Customization Tools dialog please?


In Kinetic Design Forms it cannot

Is there an alternative please?


You could use a function, then call the function widget from App Studio.

Could you give me an example of how to use functions in Kinetic please?


I have not touched Kinetic yet.
So does that mean all my customizations done so far would then need to be re-written as functions ?


Yes it does. Functions, BAQs, AppStudio Row Rules, and/or AppStudio Events will take the place of any C# custom code you have.

Inside Functions/BPMs C# can still be written via a Custom Code widget, but other than that nope.

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This is the understanding I have. We are refactoring forms to use BPM’s, functions, and row rules. To reduce the overhead when time comes to upgrade to Kinetic.

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The Kinetics AppStudio help button has quite extensive help. See here.

You can also check out the Epicor Learning Centre for Application Studio courses on this subject.

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This what I was afraid of… :wink: I would need to duplicate myself to acheive this as I hardly can have some spare time dur to my day to day work!

I am sure I am not alone in such situation…

It will be a long process…


Good news is there is time.

You don’t have to uplift day one (with the current release). Don’t be overwhelmed by the process, just start with one request and slowly move there.

When I try and create a new Widget Function in Epicor Functions Maintenance the ‘New’ button is disabled along with the option in File file menu, does anyone have any ideas about this please?


Check in User Account Security Maintenance if your user is authorized for Group:
Functions Administrator
Functions Developer
Functions Power Developer

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That partly worked. The ‘New’ option is now enabled, but the only option which is enabled is ‘Add library’, is there another setting I have to enable please?


You need to add a library first. Then you can add a function within the library.

That’s great many thanks.

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You are certainly not alone

It would only need done if you are using the new Kinectic UI. If you are using the classic UI, they should be fine.

Of course, but the idea is to try to be current in the application version. Within the next 5 years support will vanish.
And besides , I , working in the computer science domain… , thrive to play with new technologies ! :wink:

I used to have time to play … now I feel like I’m constantly keeping up. Thankfully we just went live last year so my list of conversions is not that big.