Inspection Data Tracker - Customization

I would like to add “InspectorID” to the Inspection Data Tracker. What’s the best way to add that field to the datagrid view?

I went into developer mode and made a copy of the original. Then from customization, I went to “Data tools” and added a custom view.


It seems that it’s there now. However, not sure how to add the “InspectorID” to the datagrid view. Any ideas?


Hi Chai Chang,

I saw your post about the Inspection Data Tracker from a bit over a year ago. Wondering if you had found a way to deal with the tracker showing the field names of the results instead of the Attribute IDs? Somehow having the columns show “Number003” or “Checkbox007” isn’t very meaningful.

I got the “works as designed” when I put in a ticket, although they did add it to an existing problem ticket.

Any hints or suggestions would be much appreciated.


have you read these posts pal ?

Thanks. Unfortunately, the columns are all there but the title of the column needs to change depending on the particular specification used for the inspection. For example, the Number003 could be length for one inspection and diameter for another inspection.

no problem Jeff,
for the start if you get hold of the datagrid view in customisation, then you can add view column with whatever header you want, i have done that before, another case where you can create dynamic query, passing whatever parameters you want as filter, and because this is basically is just calling and displaying your designed BAQ, thereby you can control the header of any field/column, there are also other tricks you can do, but all depends on what you want to achieve and its performance.