Custom Inspection Required in Part Entry and Inspection Required on PO Entry

We have a custom/UD field for Inspection Required on Part Entry and use pre - and post- processing BPM to enforce to check the Inspection Required on Purchase Order Entry and don’t do the opposite (don’t have a bpm to check the inspection required on Part Entry when we check the inspection required on Part Entry). It did work well. However, after we upgraded from 10.1.500.7 to 10.2.700. It doesn’t work as expected. When we create a Purchase Order with any part, the Inspection Required on PO entry is always checked and it also checks the inspection required on Part. This is not what we want. Anyone has any experience, knows why and can help? Your help will be greatly appreciated.

Is it default to checked in the properties? Or enabled in the UD field by default?

HI Blake,
Thank you very much for your info.

It is not enabled in the UD field by default. We manually enable check box for the UD field in Part. I don’t know you mean it is default to checked in the properties.

My fault I was thinking there was a checked property like visual studio in the customization.

@b.huang Is the inspection required checked at the part class level?