Customer ACH Best Practices

How is everyone handling customer initiated ACH payments? Once in a while we’ll get a payment in our bank account that we’re not easily able to match to a customer (order, invoice, or shipment). The ACH barely has any context information. Looking at what Epicor has to offer, the Customer Entry screen’s bank dropdown is for OUR bank info, not the customer’s… I can create an ACH payment method and associate that to the customer, but not sure what that’ll do for us.

Some other threads here mention the Electronic Interface. I’m not sure we’ve got the volume to need to do that, and automatically debit our customers with ACH transactions.

What do you all do?


@askulte We usually get a remit email from them and if we don’t we will ask for one and we always send a remit email on our ACH transmissions.


Thanks. Do you do it manually through the bank portal, or via Epicor with the electronic interface? Do you store the info in Epicor with UD fields, or do anything to make processing the invoices more automatic? Thanks again!

@askulte We are using the banks portal for now since our previous version had an issue with the EI putting the wrong info in one field our bank needed. I am following this KB KB0090855 and do not have any extra fields for this. I just had to figure out for our bank’s mapping where the routing code for the bank went in bank registration code (LocalBIC) rather than Bank Identifier. I am going to test my config hopefully for the last time today. I think I remember that ACHs must have a country code that maps to USA and not just US.