Customer Pickup Best Practice - Salestax

How is everyone mistake proofing customer pickup orders and sales tax? Our reps currently create a ShipTo of our plant address, and assign it to the customer & order, so the tax is accurate.

I’m considering making a BPM that creates and assigns shipto or OTS on the customer with our plant address when ShipVia = PKU (Customer Pickup), so Avalara gets the sales tax right.

Or maybe create an Alternate Shipto customer, and have the BPM set that as the shipto when shipvia = Customer Pickupt?

Is there a better way?


DUDE! I just had this convo with my CFO…

what’s the right way? I think we need to ask avalara or a sales tax professional.

Our pick up location is in Cali… who has wild wild tax jurisdictions, so whether we put the ship-to as our warehouse or the customers end location has implications… what’s the right way?

Yes, man I was just going to go the Ship To route and just make a ship to called customer pick up with our address- no BPM necessary.

Why is creating a ship to for pick up not working for you?

Utah - So your plan is to create a customer called ‘Customer Pick Up’ with the plant address, and assign that as an alternate ShipTo Customer on the order when someone chooses the Customer Pickup ShipVia? We wanted to automate that so reps don’t forget to do it. Or at least pop-up a warning when it hasn’t been done…

On the tax side, I believe the customer is responsible for paying tax at the delivery point - your location. Not the customer’s end location. Imagine you’re BestBuy - for in-person pickup orders, they tax you based on their location, not yours…

My plan was to advocate to CSRs that they create a ship-to for customer pick up on each customer, when necessary, and then select that.

great point.