Customer Primary Bill To Contact

I am creating a BAQ to be used in a DMT to update a user defined field on the CustCnt table.

I have the Table relationship to the customer:

PrimBCon to ConNum

However, I am getting more than more than just the primary Bill to Contact.

Example - the PrimBCon and ConNum are 1 -
I am getting 3 records because there are 2 ship to - where the ConNum is 1 for each shipto.

I tried using a the ? as a null and a negative for ISNULL and I still get the same results.

Any suggestions on how I fix this?

You could try changing the ConNum table to first instead of each.

Brad Boes

Criteria or Filter on ShipToNum = “”

Thanks - I was thinking that ShipToNum was numeric but, it is a character field.