Customer Shipment Entry - Lot number is required for a lot tracked part (Business Layer Exception)


In our Customer Shipment Entry screen, when attempting to add a pack line, and a valid lot number has been entered, we receive a Business Layer Exception - Lot number is required for a lot tracked part for shipment from manufacturing. The full code is attached.

This occurs using the base version of the Customer Shipment Entry screen.

Attached is the pop-up error as well as the full code of the exception.

The Make To Order job is complete and is correctly linked to the Sales Order. There is inventory to ship from. Lot Number (job number) is queried and selected into the Pack Line but committing the record causes the error.

Any help/suggestions are appreciated.


BusinessLayerException-Lot number is required for a lot tracked part for shipment from manufacturing.txt (7.9 KB)

Hi Karen,

I am not familiar with making a shipment line from both inventory and mfg on same customer shipment line. Can you make it work with another customer shipment line for the Mfd one?


You need a lot number from the manufacturing job as well as from the inventory.

Hi Karen,

What is happening is that you are trying to ship from inventory yet your sales order is set up for Make Direct so it wants to ship from the job. Where are the parts? Are they on the job or have they been taken to stock?

Hi Nancy,

The part is a soft tool (numerical control (NCT) program to make a part) and is actually being “fake shipped” so we can invoice for it. Nothing actually leaves the building but in order to get it invoiced, we fake ship it.

The same error occurred when there was nothing in inventory for this part, so we put one part in the Tooling warehouse (NCT) with the JobNum as the LotNum so that we could select the appropriate Lot for this sales order. However the same error occurs.

I have uploaded the original error before the inventory was entered and the ship qty is zero.

Hi Charlie,

Please see my reply to Nancy… it explains the error originally occurred when the lot number from the manufacturing job was specified.

The original error screenshot is attached to my reply to Nancy as well. The error occurred before the inventory was entered and when the ship qty was zero.

Hi Karen,

Looking at your recent screenshot, I see a unit of measure concern, with “this shipment” being measured in LOT and “our ship qty” in EA. Do you have some sort of conversion going on? Can you setup the part for selling uom of EA instead of LOT?


If you look at the original screen shot, there was a qty of 1 in the ship from manufacturing qty and no lot number.
Why not just make 2 packing slip lines and ship 1 line from inventory and the other line from manufacturing?

Hi Beth,

Please see my reply to Nancy as it explains the original error (attempt to ship from job - Make Direct). Later, we added inventory to enable correct selection of Lot number for the part. This still didn’t work.

The parts are soft tools (NC program) so are fake-shipped to enable invoicing.

Hi Nancy,

I’ve attached a current screenshot of the Pack slip without the error showing.
It no longer displays ‘LOT’ and now displays ‘EA’, so hopefully there are no UOM issues.


Hi Karen,

Ship one way or the other but not both. If you are shipping from Inventory, make sure you fill out the information under From Inventory. If you are shipping from WIP, then fill out the information under From Manufacturing. Do not fill out the information under both sections. Make sure the section you are NOT shipping from is empty (the quantity should have zeros in it).

Also, make sure it is the proper Warehouse and Bin in the section you are using for shipping (inventory or manufacturing).

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Thanks Beth… I will try that.

Hi Beth,

You’re correct – it had to be shipped from the Manufacturing section not the Inventory section.

In order to get the conditions in place to allow this to happen, three things had to occur:

  1. The job had to be “Open” – it had been Completed and Closed prematurely and had to be re-opened to be available.

  2. The part number had to be adjusted into inventory with the appropriate lot number in place.

  3. The JobProd WIPQty (i.e. Outstanding Qty on Job) had to be set to 1.

The Make to Order job has now been successfully added to the Ship Pack.

Thanks for yours and everyone’s help!


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