Customer Shipment entry Mass Shipment

Any idea why a sales order with 20 lines all make direct lines, jobs are open and have a quantity complete, when we create the Pack and use mass shipment it only pulls in 1 line?
if we add the lines manually to the pack it works fine, just mass shipment wont pull in all the lines.

Hi Craig,

Any chance you have serial tracking on one or more of them? We cannot mass ship serial tracked parts.


no. we dont use serial tracking.

Summary (Customer Shipment Entry > Summary)

Craig, Do you use SOs with your Jobs? Are the Releases still open? Only open sales order releases are available for the Mass Shipment function.

yes everything was open.

Do the releases all have the same Ship To address? Are they the same as the header ship to?

yes. Ship to was the same for all releases.

Do you have any other BPMs/Customizations that might be altering the behaviour?