Customer Shipment Form hit Error Object Ref not set ... on Base form

Hi Need advice and help from any expert here.

Recently we encounter error in Customer Shipment when we tick the Ship then prompt an error as Object Reference Not Set to Instance Object as following:

I hit this error from base form and did disable all BPM, but still no luck and need advise from any.

I has restart the server and db server too, ofcourse the app pool and recycle.

It might be trying to calculate and update the customer’s current balance, used to check against credit limits.

Do you have any settings that prevent shipments if on credit hold?

There’s also a setting (might be under customer) as to whether to include shipments in their current balance, or only billings.

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Hi Calvin,
thanks for your input i think we found the root cause, we notice that the SO linked few Job which with status closed and un-firm MRP JOB, this might cause by the setting on Allow Shipment from Any Job at Company Configuration, after re-run the MRP it get worked.
but my question is why Epicor show the error this is Object reference not set… which quite difficult to understand the terms of message.

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The error is definitely a bug, if you are still on 10.2.400 I did found a resolved issue that sounds similar in 500. But without more specific details I can’t say for sure.


Thanks Jonathan, you are correct, the error prompt quite funny but i use a simple query to find out which job linked with the SO line which cause the error, and we have to manually un-link Job with the SO then only this the process can going through.
this normally happen having 2 job with single SO line, whereby i already have 1 Job to fulfilled.