Unable to open job in Job Tracker or Job Entry "Object reference not set to an instance of an object"

I am getting an “Object reference not set to an instance of an object” error when I try to open a job in job entry or job tracker.
If I type it in directly to the job num field it throws and error. If I search for it and select the job it finds the job but then throws an error.

get same error when I hit ok here.

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didn’t solve issue. This is happening for all users.

not all jobs. But this isn’t the first job.

Is the Job record actually loaded into the form before trying the Open With? From the screenshot, it looks like it’s just the Job Number. I would assume that it would not work unless there is an actual record in the form.

so the screenshots:
The first one I typed the job number directly into the field and hit tab to get the error message.
The job number search screen I click on the job number button and then enter the job number in the starting at field and hit search. the job number shows up in the results.
So i open this part up in job manager and I see something very strange.

There is a demand link in the job for an MRP suggestion where this part is a component of a parent part…
That MRP job is not job. Seems like it wasn’t deleted and that demand link wasn’t cleared out correctly.
How do I nuke this demand link if I can’t open the job because the demand link is not valid.

What shows if you open that Part in Time Phase?

Has anyone perhaps deleted any SQL records manually? Says, JobOper, PartOper, JobMtl, etc?

Along the lines that @Chris_Conn is thinking…

Make a BAQ with just the JobHead, and see if it gives any erros, or if anything jumps out.

Then slowly add child tables (JobMtl, JobOpr, etc …) one at a time. Again look for failures to load, and/or out of the ordinary values in fields

No. We haven’t done any manual record manipulations

I did one of job prod and it is showing the 2 records we can see in the job manager bottom right window of that program

That Job Mtl “MSH0000…” is bogus you say. Can you determine the job number and do the same queries for it?

It seems most likely to be a data integrity issue (with an unknown cause at this point). You may need to get Epicor support involved to find the extent of the problem (and hopefully a datafix) but more importantly identify the root cause so it doenst happen again.

@ckrusen the BAQ I am running is looking at the both the 100445 and the MHS00000111 job. There is nothing for the MHS job in JobHead.

Ok everyone. Thank you for your help on this thread. I found a work around.
So since there was a job demand link out there for MHS00000000111 on my original job 100445.
And there wasn’t a job in my system for MHS00000000111 (because this is an MRP job number and was created, linked and then deleted but the demand link wasn’t deleted).
I created a regular job for this part number.
The error was because I was trying to open 100445 in job entry or job tracker but there was a demand link that was not valid.
So creating the job equal to that job number allowed me to open job 100445 in Job Entry where I could delete the bad demand link. Then I could delete the fake job I created.

Don’t know the root cause. I will look out for other jobs like this that I can’t open. Maybe one day I can figure out what is causing this. In the meantime I can get past this error and I know what the error is, just not what is causing MRP jobs to be deleted when there is a demand/supply link from another job.