Customization after upgrade

We have upgraded (TEST) from 10.2 to 2023.1. Trying to get a handle on the process for converting customizations, since they did not appear to convert to the Kinetic UI.

As an example, we have a customization ABC on the sales order entry form. The customization has three UD fields, one of which is required.

The conversion workbench error says that the conversion failed because the layer already exists: ABC. Customization conversion failed with an error: LayerName ABC already exists… [, App.SalesOrderEntry.SalesOrderForm, , , EP, Customization]

I can launch the customized view from the tree, but only in classic UI.

My assumption is that the UD fields must be added via Application Studio to the Kinetic UI. I can do that, but… does that mean we are now maintaining two versions of the customizations – one for each UI? Or can I give the new layer the same name and will Epicor understand that they go together?

I have not yet found an example of linking the classic UI customizations with their Kinetic UI versions, if that is possible.


Yes you have to rebuild the customization in a kinetic layer (imo trying to work with the broken conversion attempts is not worth it).

No Kinetic will not understand that the classic and kinetic layers go together for the same program. You either have to force everyone to use kinetic (by switching the menu item to kinetic app and attaching the kinetic layer), or else have two separate menu items, one for your classic program with classic customization and one for your kinetic app with kinetic layer attached. Or third option, leave it in classic only and hope that Epicor improves the transition capabilities in a future release.

Thanks. Was pretty sure that was the answer, but hoping it was not…