Customization - Enabled/Disabling Feature

Does Epicor have any functionality that would allow me to disabled/enabled all customization such as BPM, SSRS, Customized programs, etc? Or am I stuck with doing that one by one?

We have run into some situations where whenever there’s an issue, I am told to remove all customization to rule that out. I would spend hours either disabling or removing them completely. Since we just implemented Epicor and still new, there’s not a lot of customization other than a few dashboards, BPMs, and primarily SSRS reports. Even though these does not pertain to the error, I am told I need to remove them. Just wanted to check with you all that have been using Epicor for years what is the best approach to this.

Also I know there’s the Solution Workbench. Doing a bit of research and see what this does, but from my understanding, it’s for creating packages for backup/deployment only correct?

Customizations, you can just run without. You just check the box in developer mode that says base only. So that one isn’t too bad. You don’t have to delete it, just run without it.

For BPM’s if you do your search and search by directive any, you can open up all of your BPM’s at once, so going through the list isn’t that bad. Just uncheck enabled.

It shouldn’t take you hours.

You could also potentially make an updatabale dashboard to mass disable/enable all bpms in the system :slight_smile:

Start with this awesome DBD, and work on making it updatable!


See the Epicor10_techrefSystemAdministration guide. There are some steps to disable all bpms by changing the web.config file. Change customizationSettings disabled=“false” to “true” You will have to restart the app pool, which will disconnect all users. But it’s a quick way to disable all bpms.


Another option would be to create a user special account, and every BPM includes “Not by user xxxx” in the first condition. Then one could just log in as that user to see if running w/o the BPM’s firing changes anything.

I know this isn’t always practical, as different users would have different permissions, and this one “special” user would have to have permissions to all.

I think that uBAQ to disable them is the way to go. It would be nice if it included a log of when it was enabled/disabled, so you know which ones need to be re-enabled when the debugging is done.

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Thanks all for all the suggestions/Ideas. Issue I am running into is that we don’t have a lot of actual customization. BPMs we have like 5 and 3 programs that were actually customized. They want me to disabled all SSRS and that’s where the bulk of our customization are. I know that SSRS should not impact the functionalities of Epicor unless the application calls on the report being used. However, I am told that I need to remove all SSRS and all customization. Just setting them as not “Default” isn’t good enough.

I know this is going to get more difficult as time goes by with the volume of SSRS, BPMs, Dashbaords, and actual program customization that will be done in the next few years. However, with all the ideas/suggestion here, this will help with some of the concerns.