Customization question

Good morning guys

i have a code where i create packs based on an CSV file that is provided. after that i ship the pack with the code below but for some reason is not checking the flag of shipped. Can you please let me know what am i missing?

                CustShipAdapt = new CustShipAdapter(oTrans);

				DataRow ship = CustShipAdapt.CustShipData.ShipHead[0];
				ship["ReadyToInvoice"] = true;
				ship["RowMod"] = "U";

Side note. Wrap that in a using adapter vs variable and drop the dispose, it will self dispose.

Have you confirmed that your “ship” variable has the information you expect in it? Just as a narrowing down where the issue is coming in?

Any messages in event viewer from the appserver. something may be silently dying.

Consider adding a bpm with messages or data logging to the custship.update method and see what you are getting on the server side.

Who fires off this process with a csv? You could just use DMT command line and automate the file processing potentially.

I am creating an integration so i am using the code to make it easier. the ship variable has date i use to see if it has data

If you’re making an integration I would seriously consider DMT command line. What version is your customer on and do they have DMT licensing?

Have you checked event viewer for any errors. What you are doing looks correct unless the is BL that is stopping the update from happening. Could try UpdateExt though see if that works any better for you.