Customization Restart Prompt

This is more a commentary than a question. But as of 10.2 when you go to make a customization and you exit without saving changes you get the following prompt.

So if NO changes are saved you are asked to automatically restart the form… however if you make a billion changes and turn the form inside out… Epicor just ignores all that and you have to manually restart the customization to see the changes. I am not 100% sure why someone went out of their way to make this functionality but its backwards as heck!.. Not to sound ungrateful, but now it sits there mocking me every time… when I don’t actually need to restart the form.

I have been begging for this feature for years… well… not this feature… but the opposite of it. @Rich do you know why this exists and it’s opposite but more useful use doesn’t? #JustCurious… there has to be a story here #MeThinks

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Good Question Jose. Consider the following Tech Support call between an Overworked Business Analyst (OBA) tasked with Customizing a Form and a most helpful tech support analyst.

“Epicor Tech Support, this is Nathan. What is your Name and Site ID please?”
OBA - gives name / site ID
NA - “How can I help you today OBA?”
OBA - “I was customizing a Form and I added a Control and bound it to a UD field. I then was not sure if I had added it to the proper location so I exited the Customization without saving so I could have a better look at the Form (I sure wish my employer would get me a second monitor) and I saw that I had added it to the proper place so I went back in to Customization and Saved my Customization. Now when I load that customization the new control that I added is not there.”
NA (under his breath) - “Doh” and then “That sounds like a real problem, let me transfer you to the team that can help”

So that call actually came in and was deemed severe enough (not sure by who) that we should address it.

When controls are added or moved on the form, customization will track the changes for saving but it doesn’t know the original “State” so if Customization is exited and not saved, visually the form looks like it has been customized but all the information about the customization has been lost.

Now - what we did with the annoying dialog doesn’t actually fix the reported issue (I suggested user training but that got me sent to my room) as you can say “no” to the restart and still go back into Customization. Several options were discussed including keeping the Customization in memory and restoring on re-enter of Customization (that would also have kept non-visual code changes), and disabling the Customization option if a user exited without saving (I am sure most of you would have been really annoyed with that) so we apparently opted for the annoying dialog.

I will make a request that we make the ShowDialog logic a little more intelligent and we should only pop the message if visual changes were made to the form.

Now - as far as automatically doing a restart, how do you feel about adding a “Save and Restart” button / option to the toolbar?


Sounds wonderful! Sign me up and thanks for the explanation!



Is there any reason we couldnt just always restart on save? Solves both problem.

I am happy with just a Save and Restart though :smiley: Thanks Rich

No Chris, No! Whats Next Compile on Save =) I am okay with clicking 2-3 buttons. Save often is the rule and that would not play nice =)

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What is the downside to restarting the form every time you close customization? The only thing you lose is the current record loaded, which I wouldnt trust anyway. Also, whats issue with compile on save? Really its just a syntax check.