Dashboard - adding BAQ Combo to Tracker View

I have a BAQ with a short list of Customers.

I created a BAQ Combo box, save the dashboard, the drop down works great.

Use the

Get out of the Dashboard and the BAQ Combo Box is gone.

Dynamic Query ID = Query name
Display Member = Customer.CustID
Value Member = Customer.CustID

Is TrackerQueryControl = True
Query column = Customer.CustID

Am I missing something?

It’s a bit difficult to get the picture you’re describing, but I know that customizing tracker views (which is what your description sounds like) tends to be tricky. In my experience, changing the query often required re-customizing the tracker view.

If you’re referring to a Mobile Dashboard, I don’t believe customized tracker views are supported at all. Name your field columns well, because Epicor Mobile Access will create its own tracker views using those field names.

This is the answer I received from Epicor support.

That is very odd behavior, so I reviewed your live version. If you are really running 9.05.605 then that probably explains a lot.
There were many issues on the older releases, so you may have to stay with the runtime version of the dashboard. Even that may not allow you to use a customized Tracker View and get the results that you want.
Are there any plans to upgrade to 9.05.702a?

Interesting. I’m on 905.702a and I still have issues.
After re-reading your original post, I realize I didn’t see where you deployed the new (saved) dashboard. That is a requirement in 702 before anyone will be able to see the changes in the dashboard. Perhaps in the older version that is not a requirement?

I did deploy the dashboard. It saved my BAQ combo box but, then it did not display the BAQ list in the dropdown.

It just displayed the dashboard record I was on in the BAQ Combo.

So Sad.