Dashboard Customization Hangs 600

Strange issue after going to 600. When I customize a dashboard and leave customization mode it will hang and spin for an extended period of time. Sometimes I have to just crash it out entirely and give up the wait.

Now if I pull data into the dashboard before I go into customization mode. It’s fine when I exit customization mode. If I open the dashboard do nothing and go straight to customization mode that’s when it locks up.

This does not happen on a single dashboard assembly but several. Anyone else experiencing this?

I wonder if @pferrington knows more about it, I know they had an issue in 500

PRB0216683: Customizing dashboard assembly with tracker view freezes Epicor when clicking on baseStatusBar node.

Perhaps similar, same.

Do you have Tracker Views?

Do I have tracker views? Of course I have tracker views they are the bees knees!

I meant more as in, have you tested in on a Non-Tracker View Dashboard. :slight_smile:

Sorry for the delay was out on PTO. WE did have a dashboard hanging issue but this was not it. Is your dashboard set up to auto load data when it opens? it may be hanging attempting to do that. I have actually not heard of that happening so I may have to go try and see if it is a straight forward issue to recreate.

No auto load. It’s very strange no doubt. But I think I see what is happening. This happens more often dashboards where there are subscriptions. I just tried it again on a really basic one, and found that when I left customization mode that the dashboard loaded the subscribed query but the main one is still of course empty. I suspect what is happening is that the dashboards that really lock up have a lot of data in the subscribed queries and eventually just time out. But if I first refresh before going into the customization editor, the main query has data so when I exit it refreshes just fine.

This is an example of after leaving the customization editor where it loaded the subscribed unfiltered