Customization Mode Freeze Up

We are having a serious issue with a heavily customized Order Entry Screen and are looking for guidance.
On multiple instances, trying to make even modest layout changes to controls on this screen immediately freezes Epicor. Even going back to BASE mode we experience the same freeze up.

This occurs on three different instances -Dev,Test,Pilot

All other screens customize fine with no freeze up experienced.

Ideas are appreciated

I have experienced the same with 10.1.600.14 but it works fine in 10.1.600.10. What version do you happen to be on?

I had this happen with some Customizations but haven’t run into it much after we went from 10.0.700 to 10.1.400. There were “using” statements at the beginning of the Custom Code which were old and not needed. Since these weren’t actually being used, it doesn’t make sense that deleting them would change anything, but cleaning up the relic “using” statements did clear up the issue.

To find them, I just started commenting out “using” statements and trying to compile. If I got a compile error, uncomment and try the next one. In some cases I dropped more than half of the “using” statements from a Customization.

While doing this, I would go directly to the Script without touching anything else. Touching anything else in Customization Mode had a tendency to cause a lock-up, as you’ve seen.

Not sure if this will help your situation, but it may be worth a try.

Ken Brunelli

Thank you all for the time in replying. Version is 10.1.600.15.
Not really an option for us to revert to a previous patch level, but we will keep digging.

I have a support ticket entered for this issue and will post again if I get a response. @KayToo - this happens in base mode which would not contain any “relic” using statements.

One comment - the Freeze up seems to (so far) not occur if we do all the layout changes only using the Properties Pane to manual adjust X,Y coordinates and Height Width

manual adjustments only delays the freeze up…we can get 8 or 9 tweaks done at least

There is an SCR for this (SCR 209167) and it was fixed in 10.1.600.16+. I have requested a retro for 10.1.600.14 but doubt I will get it.

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Thanks for the information Dan! Wery much appreciated


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I also have a case raised for this. CS0000790841 “Customisation Crashes as soon as you click on a form object”

I only started having a problem recently, it’s been working fine on 10.1.600.14 until this week. I put it down to the fact that I rolled out the MS Windows Updates relating to Spectre/Meltdown vulns, as those updates had warning regarding possible slow downs etc.

This is DEFINATELY something that has changed, I have made lots of changes in 10.1.600.14 prior to this week.

I will ask for my case to be linked to the SCR that you quoted Dan, as my support agent was saying no other customers have an issue…! :roll_eyes:

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