Dashboard Grid View - Default Active Row

I have a dashboard that is filtered by date range. In most cases when you select your date range and refresh the dashboard, the first record in the Grid View is selected. Sometimes, depending on the range selected, after refresh the active row is now row 1 but somewhere in the middle. In one instance a user complained that no data was being returned for the date range, 2 records were showing on the grid. I noticed the scroll bars and found several hundred records were there if you scrolled up.

What determines where the active row will be selected on refresh? What event can I use to insert code to move the active row to row 1? I normally do this on child grids I have added via customization using the AfterRowActivate event of the parent grid.

Likely your grid has a sort that is overriding the returned records. If you sort the BAQ the way you want and remove grid sort it will likely make more sense.

How do you remove the grid sort? I can only click on a different column (Ascending or Descending), but not turn it off completely. I made some tweaks and will see what happens.

Right-click the grid and click “Clear Grid Sort”

I only see that option after the Dashboard is deployed. I have used the customization code in the example referenced above.

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To fix it in the un-deployed dashboard, I had to export it, and tweak the XML (see post #13 in the link I posted above)

I did try that and it did work, in test. However, I am unable to Import over the original Dashboard. At this time, I don’t want to create a second dashboard in live.