Dashboard not refreshing 2nd query

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Ive designed a dashboard which has a summary baq and chart. This baq publishes 1 field
I then have another baq which filters its data based on that published field, it also has a chart.

in dashboard design mode, the queries and charts all work fine.
Ive enabled refresh all, deployed the dashboard, cleared cache and logged out and back in.

The dashboard when running from the menu does not refresh the 2nd query and subsequently the 2nd chart.

Any tips greatly appreciated

This is just a guess - just because I work for Epicor doesn’t mean I know all the code :slight_smile: But I’m betting the issue is that now the first BAQ has no rows selected so that publish subscribe is not triggering. If you click on a row in the first BAQ I assume then that the second does refresh? I’m not sure what the default reaction of a grid that using a published column in the filter will be when there is no value for the published column

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Whatever Patrick wrote, he works for Epicor. :slight_smile:

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Hi thankyou for your reply.

No the 2nd query does not refresh once the 1st is selected. This is what I too expected, but it does not

As you can see from screen below, refresh on load, i’ve enabled refresh all, the 1st query and chart load, the 2nd shows nothing (ive undocked from separate tab to show you) I can click any record in first query and no detail is provided

(the 2nd query does have results btw)

ive finally sorted it - I had one two many filters from a published field! :slight_smile:

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