Dashboard Publish/Subscribe Not Working

Platform: 10.1.400.20, SQL 2014

We are migrating from 9.05 to 10.1.400. One of our dashboards has two BAQs. The primary BAQ is an external BAQ that publishes Company and OrderNum. The secondary BAQ is an updateable BAQ that is filtered on the primary BAQ’s published fields. After migration, the 2nd BAQ is not filtering. Actually, it doesn’t even seem like that 2nd BAQ is running.

Now the weird stuff, I can occassionally get the dashboard to work correctly. I’ve gotten it to work once or twice after reselecting the filters on the 2nd BAQ. And just now the deployed (assembly) dashboard worked. Closed it down and tried it again and it didn’t work.

Anyone have any thoughts?

Bob Beaghan

I’ve seen this once or twice, delete the queries in the dashboard, bring them back in and recreate your publish and subscribe.