ERP 9 stuck on BAQ design

I’m struggling with a query/dashboard… It’s E9 so I cannot do sub queries.

We have several jobs where Op 20 is sub-contract. In Op 10 we cut material to length then send it out in Op 20 for machining.

We want to find all the jobs where Op 10 has not been started AND Op 20 is sub-contact.

I can do the above separately, but don’t know how to bind them together either in a query or the dashboard…

Can someone explain in general terms how this might be done?

At a guess I’d say try Publish/Subscribe then use filters for the SubC OpCode in the Dashboard. Been a long time since I was on E9

@randallweber You can make the baq updateable and on post processing of get list do the second check for op 20 and then set a calculated field to be used in filtering in a dashboard.

Take whatever query you’re using to determine if op 10 has been started, then join another instance JobOper table to the op 10 table (Company, JobNum, AsmSeq). Add table criteria to second JobOper, OpSeq = 20 and Subcontract = true