Dashboard Tracker - Filter upon multiple selections

Is there a way to in a Dashboard Tracker to allow selecting multiple filter criteria? For example, I want to be able to select Operations 10,20 and 30 from one drop down selection that says Dept = Assembly which then filters on those three operations 10,20 and 30 in the grid result. Trying to avoid the need to manually do a filter sort on those three operations if in the tracker you can pre-populate combining those three operations into one selection.

As far as I know, none of the standard Tracker items can do this. It can be done with a List Picker and Code. Or, you can use the Grid Filter Properties. The last option is to use a BAQ Parameter.

You can do a range with dates, I do not know if that will work with other data types also or not. Like have two fields for start and end numbers. Like 10 to 30.

Yes, a range is easy enough. It won’t allow you to choose 10,30,40 and skip 20…