Data Dictionary Changes from 6 to 8 - table &/or fi eld name ch

Table and field changes from 6 to 8 are all listed in the 8.0 help.

Report builder is going away after 6.1, Watch dog reports and BAQ or
dashboards in 6.1 will have to be recreated as Dashboards or Crystal Reports
in 8.0

Patrick Winter

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Subject: [Vantage] Data Dictionary Changes from 6 to 8 - table &/or field
name changes that they've started? Converted Reports to Queries? Plus:
Listserv/Groups Info & Our Own Record of Requests & Some ?'s for
Perspectives People to Ask Too.

Sorry for the Length, but this is going to serve as two questions & three
comments/notices for the group members:

1) From seeing a list of changes to fields, as well as a list of changes to
tables in the "files - vantage admin" area of the Vantage Yahoo Group, I was
curious as to anyone that may have started a similar list for changes from 6
to 8. Please email me the list &/or advise where posted for other list
members to also access.

2) Anyone know about the: " status of Report Builder, including the new
features that have been developed in Vista/Vantage 6.1 to migrate your
"watchdog" reporting to real-time Business Activity Queries" from the "FAQ
on Version 8" and completed this process for any custom created report
builder reports? What about custom progress reports? (*.prl?) I have been
inquiring to CAM, who referred me to support, and support was referring me
to "custom programming" -- according to the FAQ, it would seem to me that it
is a process, option within 6.1, to accomplish this process on our own via
steps explained in the document. Anyone else out there receive the document
as of yet?


From the FAQ for 8 -- Vista & Vantage: (

Is Report Builder going away in Vantage 8.0?

If you currently use Report Builder for your ad-hoc reporting needs, please
refer to the previously pub-lished statement regarding the status of Report
Builder, including the new features that have been developed in Vantage 6.1
to migrate your "watchdog" reporting to real-time Business Activity Queries;
these queries offer instant notification of exceptions as they happen. If
you need this document, contact your Vantage Account Manager.


3) Notify any Vista Listserve members on the official list of the other
groups that could also serve as resources for questions, especially more
custom items. Just to advise in case you didn't know:

Yahoo Groups -- Vista, Vista6, and Vantage; plus: User Groups for various
areas. I joined these in the last few weeks, and the Vantage one seems
rather active. (They may have epicor individuals who subscribe, however,
they are only allowed to apply to those groups that are maintained at I have cc'd them on this message - you need to be a registered
member on yahoo, and be approved to join the groups. I know they have
talked about Solidworks & Vantage -- ability to possibly have another
program link Bill of Materials and Part Creation aspects -- so could be done
more easily from another program or Solidworks' embedded add-ins that may
prove to be beneficial -- however, we were thinking it would not be needed
as much if could truly "cut & paste" the materials into the BOM.

4) I have created a database at the Yahoo Vantage Group for Customer
Enhancement Requests -- while we all wait for the
to make the "Find CRs" truly operational, from a standpoint of looking at
most recent two versions, 6.1 & 8.0 -- to determine those still needed or
not. It is found in the
location. As they begin to be addressed, I will open up the database to
allow others, besides myself & group moderator, to be able to edit the
records for updating the "patch level addressed at (when CR Completed)"
field within the table. I located at this location, as this appears to be
the more active group for this type of activity towards improvement of the
product. I am going to be adding many more to this list, as this was start
of what I had researched back to define the CR# for others.

5) For those attending Perspectives -- Enjoy your trip -- Some tips on areas
to possibly ask for more illustration -- Request demo's of: cut & paste in
the grid, via adding additional lines, not just copying, duplicating, &
pasting back full grids. Also -- all other machine builders, and those who
want to be able to "add" material to the jobs quicker -- Request demo of
purchasing to a job (why not "added material" & grid entry available for
this?). Just a few areas that I've seen in 8 so far that still are in need
of improvement for true functionality, since I am unable to attend this
year, but two areas where I have already put in calls and requests for
improvement still on 8.

Thanks for anyones input, advice, in advance.

- Becky S. Venneman, CMA, SPHR
Finance/Human Resource Coordinator
Technical Services, Inc.
57006 241st Street
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