Databases not in sync with Program

Hi. I was tasked with creating a backup server for our aging Vista 6.1 installation. I believe I am more or less complete but when I try to login to the database using the Vista client I get the message “Databases not in sync with Program. Database(6.10.500) Program (6.10.404). Cannot continue.”

I had run the mfgclientsetup.exe on a test workstation. I don’t see a newer version on our production server.

Any help would be appreciated…thanks!

I’ve not used Vista 6 (we jumped from Vista 4 to Vista 8)…

Does V6 use a progress DB? You might want to create new App pools in PET (Progress Explorer Tool), to make sure the Port numbers don’t conflict. It’s probably not this, but worth looking at.

Yeah, 6 was primarily Progress 9 but SQL was available.

I go back to V3.1 so I have beat myself up for a long time.


Looks like you are missing a Patch Level(s) for the client install.
Wondering how you set up the install on the backup server

  • Have.original install disks and download all the patches from EpicWeb to match the live versions?

Hi. Yes Progress database. I still had the installation disks from the original. I think you might be onto something with the patches. Unfortunately, we are not using a service contract with Epicor any longer. Would you know if these patches are on an alternate site somewhere? Thanks.

If you copied the live company to test server, the clients from the live company must be for the newer version. I assume you have a way to install the client for the live DB on a new computer.

I was going to say that you could do an install of the client for the live company, then tweak it to point to the test DB. In V8, this involved both the computer name of the DB server, and the port number to specify the app (Live, Train, Pilot, etc…)

But that wouldnt update the files on the App Server that it needs. :frowning:

I doubt you can get them anywhere except from Epicor.
At this point I might try… copying the application folder(s) from your live server over to the test server (not the Progress folders). As I remember, the V6 folder structure was as pretty simple.

I’d also check the Live server to see if the old admin might have saved patch files somewhwere?