Default Buyer under Purchase order

We are currently in 2 environments, Test and Production, I am moving slowly everything front test into production and when I open Purchase Order Entry, create a New PO, the Buyer field shows up empty, and if i click on the drop down, its empty too.

If I right click in the empty space and select “Open with” and select “Buyer Entry”, click “Buyer” and select my default buyer, she shows up as the System Default, and default authorized user, but she wont show up under purchase order entry. It is setup like test too, but Test works, production does now. What could I be missing?

Are you set up as an authorized user of that account?

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akkkk correction, thank you for saying “You”… it clicked. I was setting up the other buyer under the main buyer, thinking I was logged into the main buyer, but I was logged into myself, so I added myself and bamn, it worked. Thank you