Default Resource Group under Scheduling Resources when creating a BOO

I have an operation called “Machining” that has one Resource “Model Shop”.

The resource “Model Shop” has been assigned to one, and only one, Resource Group, “ENG”

In Engineering Workbench, when adding the “Machining” operation to a BOO, the “Resource Group” under, Method of Manufacturing, Operations, Scheduling Resources, Detail defaults to the “Production” Resource Group.

How do I get the default to be the “ENG” Resource Group?

Have you tried playing around with the operation in the Resource Group or the Resource?
FWIW… screenshots of a VERY quick test that seemed to work…sort of.


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Thank you for the suggestion, unfortunately, for me it didn’t work. I set the Operation to MACH at the Resource Group and Resource level but when I added the operation to the BOO it still defaulted the Resource Group to Production.