Resource Group assignment to Project Jobs-Operations

EPICOR Project

Need to know how to assign Resource Groups to Project jobs - operations.

After you open the project job in the “Job Entry” menu, you should be able to go to the following tab and update the resource group:
Job Details > Operations > Scheduling Resources > Detail

Is this what you’re looking for?

For Project Jobs, you go to the WBS Phases, Details tab and you’ll see your operations below. When you add a WBS Phase Operation, there’s a drop-down for available operations. These are the same operations that you would choose from in Job Entry (or Engineering WB if making a part). If you open Operation maintenance, you’ll be able to assign a Resource Group or individual Resource. This is your default.

If you want to change that individual phase job, do what Kevin suggests: un-engineer the job, open the phase job in Job Entry and alter the Resource Group/Resource there and then re-engineer and release the job.

Mark W.

If you already have resources on an operation should you and can you still change the resource?

We have a resource group of Project Engineers with each employee as a resource. I’ve been hoping to get the Project Managers to schedule phases by the Employees so we could use Resource Calendars to help schedule them around vacations, holidays, etc. That’s the hope anyway.

Mark W.

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