Deploy BPM to New Company

If I developed a BPM in Company ‘A’ (company-specific) meant for Company ‘B’, how would I go about deploying that to Company ‘B’?

The reason I wouldn’t develop in ‘B’ is because they don’t currently have data loaded, so I cannot test.
The only thing I have seen is maybe the Solution Workbench? They have a checkbox that says “Only Target Current Company”. Does that change the owning company on the BPM to work in the target company?

Doesn’t answer your question but it would be really nice if in the BPM designer, rather than Company Specific or Independent, you could select from a list which companies the BPM should run in.

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if you have a list of companies that this should /should not work for, then the best way would be one of the following:

  1. put a condition in the BPM itself that says "If company a, b, or c, then run this logic… otherwise do not run.
  2. OR… better yet… what is this condition… can this be data driven? could a UD Field be added to the company record, and simply check the value of that company? (Example… if a Distribution Center, then do not run)…
    By doing the above, you WOULD deploy to all companies, and let the BPM logic take over the decision making process.
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That’s easy enough!

If you are ready to move the BPM from company specific to another company specific or move it to a BPM that uses logic to filter the company just copy paste the widgets wherever you want.

I do this to go from test to production a lot. Way quicker and more specific that directive exports and way easier than solution workbench. Make whatever changes you want along the way but your widgets come as is.


That’s a great way too.
Thanks guys!

You guys got a good, non-manual way of making all of our UI’s marked “All Company” without having to save-as and redeploy?

Like UI customizations?

Yes, the UI.

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You could just remove the company value from all the XXXDef records lol. Maybe that would work?

Gave it a shot and it wouldn’t load in either company, lol.
Looks like something to do with the associated XXXChunk table, but I’m not sure.
The Solution Workbench worked to copy them to the new company, but my end result, ideally, would be to have them marked as “All Companies”, so we can utilize them in both without maintaining 2.

You would have to remove the company value from that as well, but otherwise I believe it should work.

Nope–doesn’t seem to want to load in either company if I remove it from both.

Get this if I try to validate the customization after removing the company code:

bummer! oh well it was worth a shot. I think you can export and import and have it behave then? I can’t remember where I have struggled recently but it seems either the import or the solution manager assumes current company when you bring it in. I can’t remember though sorry less than helpful but I know there is a sequence that will work LOL