Deployment of MES Customization

Just finalized a customization I wanted to deploy on our MES screen. Followed the steps listed in these forum posts:

I was able to get the customization to show up on my local machine but not on anyone else’s machine. Also, the customization after it was deployed on my machine was different. The LFO stopped working and the disabled field in the report the LFO fed into was reenabled.

Question 1:
Why have pieces of my customization stopped working?

Question 2:
Is there a better way of deploying the MES customization rather than changing every sysconfig file in the building?

Thanks for the help!

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You can use the Process Calling Maintenance to push it out system wide. The basics are the following:

  1. Create a new menu item with your custom attached under the Processes tree in Menu Maintenance
  2. Select the program for MES (EX: Erp.UI.StartProductionActivityEntry.dll)
  3. Open Process Calling Maintenance
  4. Called Process Reference - Enter the name of the MES screen (EX: Erp.UI.StartProductionActivityEntry)
  5. Called From - Leave Blank
  6. Menu ID - Enter the menu ID created in step 1

Chadd, thanks for this.

Let me know if you have issues. I can type up more detailed directions with an example. That was a pretty quick rundown.

Very good timing on your post, I was searching for an easy way to do this to no avail. Process Calling Maintenance works like a charm.

Here’s a little snip for any future readers:

Process Calling Maintenance:

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Having an issue now where the customization is not deploying correctly. Below is a screen grab of the menu maintenance set up and the process calling maintenance set up. The mes screen on the left is our live mes. The customization should show on the button in the bottom right of that screen.

Thanks for the help!

Did you move environments or anything? Is the customization available? I know we had an issue where we moved the menu item but the custom didn’t go along for the ride. So it showed the custom was linked to the menu but it wasn’t actually there.

have you added this new MES menu ID to Epicor Config file of your client machine ?

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Thanks for the replies guys!


The customization is there. I am testing in both our pilot and live system to try and see whats going on. I was able to get it to show after visiting the Config file on my machine here (Credit to @A.Baeisa). The issue now is that after the sys config is changed the customization I made to the report is not populating correctly. See the pictures below.


The middle picture shows how the customization is supposed to behave when the Time button is pressed. The bottom picture shows how it’s behaving after deployment. It looks like its reverting back to the default version of the report. Any ideas on how to enforce the report customization on it?

Thanks for all the help everyone!

is this form one of the defined Process Calling menus ?