Determine Direction in a Configurator

Is there any way to determine which directional button is clicked within a multi-page configurator?

I wish.

You can do it by:

  1. Add a numeric control named numPriorPage to page 1.
    Set it’s initial value to 0
  2. Add a label lblCameFrom to page 1. This is just to display the prior page.
  3. Add the following code to page 1’s OnLoad:
Inputs.lblCameFrom.Label = "Came from page " + Inputs.numPriorPage.Value.ToString() ;
Inputs.numPriorPage.Value = 1;
  1. Add a label lblCameFrom2 to page 2. This is just to display the prior page.
  2. Add the following code to page 2’s OnLoad:
Inputs.lblCameFrom2.Label = "Came from page " + Inputs.numPriorPage.Value.ToString() ;
Inputs.numPriorPage.Value = 2;
  1. Add a label lblCameFrom3 to page 2. This is just to display the prior page.
  2. Add the following code to page 3’s OnLoad:
Inputs.lblCameFrom3.Label = "Came from page " + Inputs.numPriorPage.Value.ToString() ;
Inputs.numPriorPage.Value = 3;

It even detects jumping pages!

Cfgtr - PageDetection


Ah! nice! I am wondering how to do it and know what subconfigurator and related part we came from.

“Extending this to sub-configurators, is left as an exercise for the student.”

(loved seeing that in texts books))

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I could do something very similar with the global variables no doubt, but what I am more interested in is what part we are bouncing back and forth between.

Not looking for you to answer the question though, but if you do know a place to start I am more than willing to do the work and figure it out :slight_smile:

Awesome, thank you!

Do you happen to know if this is possible in subconfigurators as well? We have a main config that calls multiple iterations of the same subconfigurator. It’d be beneficial to know which iteration we’re on!

We do the exact same thing @ebasile ! We have been wondering how we could know what part we are on.