Different email "from" accounts for different customers

We use e-invoice. Most of our Invoices are sent from our main company but we have a sub-division that deals with a group of customers. In Epicor we operate everything as one company. The SMTP account is set up in Company Maintenance.

Is there a way to have e-invoice use one email account for one group of customers and then send from a different email account for another group of customers?

I am not an expert on this process. I do not see an obvious way to accomplish this. I do know the Advanced Print Routing Module could be used to do this if you have it.


The APR @pferrington mentioned can do this. You would need to store the “from” address in those customers and then you could test for that in the print routing and use it when it is there, otherwise you could use a default.

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thanks @pferrington and @Doug.C, I recently purchased APR but have not utilized it yet. I will explore this.