E-mail invoices

When we e-mail invoices, the FROM e-mail address is epicor support. How do we change that?


There are at least 3 to 8 ways to email Invoices within Epicor… can you tell us how your invoices are being emailed?


Check the company maintenance>Email and reporting settings. The default “from” address will likely be there.


That only gives the global alert email which is epicor.support. I am looking to use different emails.

@Aaron_Moreng is right
That’s the email “from” that it uses… if you want to change it you have to change that field. (or change the way you email)

How do we change the way we e-mail? Do we have to PDF then send the e-mails through Outlook - essentially double work?

That’s one option, Auto Print is another, APM, BPM, Global Alerts… Document Sender, a thousand ways to skin a cat. Document Sender is probably the “friendliest” which basically does the “Outlook” option buy automatically.

You could also buy advanced printing and routing from Epicor and set up a routing to email the invoice to the customer when printed.


We just went live. We have no idea how to print differently.

I’d recommend you replace your email with "donotreply@yourcompany.com" and then in the Body of the email provide a contact email address…
That failing, Advanced Print Routing (Epicor Module) can be bought and it is quite nice and flexible, Document Sender (can also be bought) it is also quite nice and flexible.

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Which one is cheaper, are they both epicor solutions?

Question for your CAM

and yes they are both Epicor Solutions

Cool, when was document sender created? Nvm… don’t want to hijack the thread.

We use APR, and the downside is that there’s no user interaction. All the fields (To:, From:, CC:, Subject:, Message body, etc…) are populated automatically. You can define how they populate, but can’t change them on the fly.

Like if you wanted one APR emailed invoice to have one more person added to the “CC:” field, you couldn’t. Not without making an overly complicated APR (which might require customizations and UD fields … and changed DDR’s, …)

edit: To be clear, those fields populated from data in the form being “printed”. So the APR could be setup to make the body:

Dear <customername>,

Attached is …"

and it would replace the <customername> with data from the invoice.

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That is true, it has its limits. I have ran into that as well.

have you run into the fun fact that hitting the enter key while typing the body of a form you’re emailing (vs printing it) is the same as clicking OK? Good luck trying to make multi-line bodies in that window.

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Just hold down Shift while hitting Enter :slight_smile:

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I can never remember what modifier key to use. Excel use Alt+Enter.

BTW - is there a modifier to have a tab character inserted when you hit the tab key? Both in E10 AND here.

Tab = Next control gets focus
Shift+Tab = Previous control gets focus
Ctrl+Tab = next tab/sheet
Shift+Ctrl+Tab = previous tab/sheet
Alt+Tab = Toggle Open Application
Shift+Alt+Tab (or Ctrl+Alt+Tab) = Show Open Applications

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I was about to say that!