Difficulty to upgrade from 10.2.400 to 10.2.700 - can I do it myself?

I wasn’t aware that was a bug. I hadn’t actually tried turning them off yet. We are still testing so I’ve left it on.

we are on 10.0.700.4 and are about to go Live with 10.2.600.7
Everything is ready and working for us and MRP seems to be planning as needed, actually better. FYI: We disabled Kinetic for our companies in System setup/Security Maint/Kinetic Application Maint.
We are curious if we need to continue and go Live with 10.2.600.7 or should we instead go with 10.2.700? Anyone have any convincing reason??

OH, wait, I believe we have our convincing reason to go live with 10.2.600.7
We are running SQL 2014, so we most likely will not do the 10.2.700 upgrade at this time because it requires SQL 2016.