Digest Number 851 ODBC issue with Progress 9.0B, Me r

I have also had some trouble with ODBC and Access. I've created an Access
database that works as a front end to print shipping barcode labels to our
Zebra printer. The database allows the shipping department to pull up the
info for the Order, Line, and Release they are shipping from, and enter some
fill-in information such as Qty per box, Weight, etc. Quite often the ODBC
works fine, other times I get the "ODBC -call failed" message. I am linking
8 Vantage tables and 2 Access tables so I thought the occasional error may
have been due to the complexity of the joins. I had tested it earlier using
fewer tables and it seemed to work fine although I did not test it
thoroughly. How may tables are you trying to open? Usually I just have to
close the form and re-open it to get it to work, other times I close Access
all the way down and re-open it and it works, I have not had to delete the
link and re-link the table. Hope some of this is useful to you, I will be
watching to see if anyone else has some info on this problem.

Brian Stenglein
Software Support & Development
Clow Stamping Company