Digest Number 912

I've found that it's actually the "tendency" of users who double-click
everything, including buttons which only require a single click. The first
click brings up the "Question" window while the second click puts the first
window on top of the "Question" window. I've sent a memo out explaining the
general Windows rules of clicking (what's usually a single click and what's
usually a double click) and it seems to have ended up in Never Never Land
along with other memos such as "How to Change Your Password"! Most often I
get the call "It won't print and I'm locked up!" They've double-clicked the
print button...

> From: Rubberasc@...
> Subject: Re: A/P Module lockup
> In regards to apparent "LOCKUPS" in general. Vantage has this sneaky
tendency to open "QUESTION" windows and other windows requiring user
response UNDER open and active windows
> Shirley Graver