Display Epicor Tables data and identify with tables an entry is using

Understand that we can check all the Epicor tables fields and parameter using the Data Dictionary Viewer.

  1. Wonder if there is any way to retrieve all the field data by specific table so as to check if a particular field has data stored.

  2. Wonder if there is a way to find out which table is used in the Epicor form. Example, in “Job Entry”, there are several tabs each with a form to fill in the data. How can one accurately identify the form are updated to which table?

Appreciate if anyone can advice.

You can use field help to id the table and fields used for most tabs. Either ssms query or a wide open baq will verify all fields in a table and data.

If you search the forum for “schema chm” there is a thread with the schema from several versions.

If you search the forum for searchall there is a sql script that will find any particular string anywhere in the database.

Thanks, Greg Payne, for the great help. :+1:

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