Figure Out Which Fields Belong to Which Tables in BAQ Designer

I was asked to pull data, but I have no clue which table(s) each of the fields below belong to. I need this information so I can properly link the tables when I analyze and test. The parameters for the data query are below. I have tried the data dictionary viewer, but it just lets me search tables, and then I have to scroll through each table to see if the fields below are within said tables.

How can I see which tables each of the fields below belongs to? Thank you for thelp.

For all parts that were received from China suppliers with tariff charges since 7/06/2018, and begin with 1001, 1004, 1006, 1007 1008:
Vendor MID code
Qty received
Unit cost
Date received

When I am faced with this issue I typically have the person who wants me to pull the data show me the fields on the screens/forms that they use. Then I use the Help -> Field Help Tool to figure out what table and column they are tied to.

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select *
from Erp.RcvHead as RcvHead
inner join Erp.RcvDtl as RcvDtl on
RcvHead.Company = RcvDtl.Company
and RcvHead.VendorNum = RcvDtl.VendorNum
and RcvHead.PurPoint = RcvDtl.PurPoint
and RcvHead.PackSlip = RcvDtl.PackSlip
inner join Erp.Vendor as Vendor on
Vendor.Company = RcvHead.Company
and Vendor.VendorNum = RcvHead.VendorNum