DMR AP Credit Memo

Does anyone currently tie vendor credit memos to DMR’s? If so, what is your procedure? I’ve tried it in Epicor and something isn’t jiving. We currently have the DMR’s and credits posting to the same GL account, but we don’t have a way of tying the credit to the DMR. Thanks.

From the DMR Processing program you would
Select ‘New Debit Memo’ and enter any missing data that doesn’t auto populate (Unit Cost, Qty, Reaosn, INvoice, etc) and save.
Then in AP Invoice Entry you would select ‘Get DMR Debit Memos’ from Actions Menu > Get.

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We would do the selection when we receive the credit from the vendor?

Yes, depending on your Supplier Agreement/Relationship Policy.
Some take the debit immediately and others wait to receive the credit.
Creating the DMR Debit Action can happen right away and then AP can do the Get DMR Debits whenever they receive the Credit from the Supplier.
AP will have the option to manually select only the DMR Debits they wish.
The AP Check Stub normally will include the DMR # as reference as well.
I have found it useful to go through the entire DMR process from PO Receipt through AP Payment in the Test DB with AP, QA and Purchasing together, it seems to make so much more sense when you go through the whole process with the entire team in one sitting.

BTW - If you do not wish for anything much to be done in DMR Processing, AP can alternatively select 'New DMR Credit Line" in AP Invoice Entry after doing a DMR > Reject and selecting ‘Require Supplier Credit’ from the Resolution drop down. Some prefer this over the Debit so to avoid mistakes.

I’ll play around with it.


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Works as advertised.

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Does simply selecting the DMR Resolution of “Request Debit Memo” automatically bring it into AP when doing the Get DMR Debits? I am trying to create a dashboard tracker to pull in those AP DMR Debit Memos in the selection grid but the DMRActn.Resolution field indicates ‘DEBIT’ in that field only when Request Debit Memo is selected. What table and criteria would be needed to bring in those AP “Get DMR Debits” into a dashboard tracker?

It should be the DMRActn table where the ActionType = D or C.
If the DebmitMemoNum is 0 then it has not yet been pulled into AP.

Is there another filter criteria besides the ActionType that is bringing it into AP? When I pull in only ActionType = D, there are more DMRs than what I am actually seeing in AP so it must be filtering against something else in AP?

Basically I’m trying to create a dashboard tracker that mirrors what’s being pulled into AP with the DMR Debit Memos.

The other criteria is:

I tried using DebitMemoNum but it is all blank so I’m using DebitMemoLine is 1 which looks correct when compared to the AP DMR Debit selections.