Reprinting AP Debit Memos

Is there a way to reprint an AP Debit Memo once it has been posted? I looked in AP Tracker and can see the Debit Memo but there is no option to print it.


There’s an AP Debit memo program that COULD be added as a custom menu option. I added a menu option to Accounts Payable/Reports with the program Erp.UIRpt.APDebitMemoForm.dll. When I run that menu option, it doesn’t like it because it hasn’t identified the debit memo to print.

It’s likely that this could be added as a button to the A/P tracker program where it sets the parameters to the debit memo to be printed, then calls the print program. It would take some research to get what parameters Epicor uses in the programs. Not sure if anyone here has the launch form options that would need to be set??

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I created a menu item with that program. Erp.UIRpt.APDebitMemoForm.dll.

Has anyone figured out how to pass the values into this menu item??

Have you tried opening it in “Update Posted Invoice” option, check if you can print from there.

I dont see a print option in “Update Posted Invoice” menu item.

did anyone ever come up with a good way to reprint a posted debit memo?

We are on version 10.2.500.18. Is this something a newer version of Epicor wouldn’t have to deal with? Maybe kinetic has debit memo printing even after posting?

Hi Zach,

The company I work for now is on Kinetic version 2022.1.5 and I just looked in AP Invoice Tracker to see if a debit memo can be printed. I don’t see a way to print it in this version either. I’m guessing that it doesn’t exist in any version.


I feel like I can’t be the only person who forgot to print a debit memo before posting the AP Invoice batch. I guess I’ll have to make some sort of form/BAQ to do this.

The is a suggestion in Kinetic Ideas. KNTC-I-2654

Currently only has 7 votes.