Loading AP Invoices with DMT

I am using DMT for several other areas of the system and would like load AP Invoiced that will be pre-matched to existing receipt lines.

Anyone have success doing this?
This is not Open AP Invoice load as I need to match to the receipt line.

THanks for your help.

I’ve been attempting to do that but have not had any luck getting records loaded using the ‘APInvoice Combined’ load. Attempts generally fail with an ‘APInvHed record not found’ error. Required fields are all populated along with a few additional fields. I’ve run with only the ‘Add new’ checkbox clicked so there’s clearly something wrong assuming Epicor intends this to be used for invoice creation as well as open invoice maintenance. Hoping you’ve had some success since October.

No success - I have parked it for a while.
This would be a big, win. The only solution I can think of now is via service connect…
I’m looking at doing hundreds of invoice lines at time.

THanks for the note.

I use APInvoiceCombined to import records routinely. I get a CSV file from one of our suppliers, and I’ve configured an SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services) job to manipulate the data into the form required for DMT and then I call DMT using SSIS to import it into Epicor.

Are you having trouble with APInvoiceCombined getting it to work at all, or is your error with the Receipt Lines? I know that I had some struggles with the column order in the DMT import file.

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Could you send me a sample file?
I have not had luck with this, and have you found the order of the columns at issue ?

Latest issue I have had is that it doesn’t recognize the Invoice Num as a valid invoice number…

I have tried to load in separate tables, but will be working on the combined one now.
Looking at loading the invoices as un-received lines then I could use the invoice matching program to validate the load.

Thanks for your help.



Here are the 1st 2 lines from a working AP Invoice Combined template:


"BVD","LANG","LANG","H2199412","10/01/2017","Deliveries on 06-Jan",79.59286,"06EM","6","UK","1","M","ZZ3PT","97217","1",63.93

You’ll need to check things like TermsCodeID, PMUID (Pay method) etc to ensure you set values relevant for your environment.

Also, check that you’ve using the latest version of DMT for your version.


I just realized that I hadn’t gotten back to you.
Things are beginning to come together.

Thanks for the help


Excellent, good to hear.


We are doing the same thing. Getting an extract from Concur, using SSIS to populate a DMT file using the APInvoice Combined template. This is to automate the entering of miscellaneous expenses, some related to jobs, others have gl accounts and then a payout line either to the employee or company credit cards. So now, I have J type lines in one template and M type lines in another. It almost works except I have many GL Accounts to one Invoice line and the DMT always errors out on the first GL sequence per Invoice line no matter what GL account it is. I can attach my template. If you have any ideas, please let me know.

Thanks in advance,
Carol Hein
DMT-APInvCombined.xlsx (97.6 KB)


Sorry for lack of reply on this post, but as I just updated DMT on a server I saw this in the changelog:

All Import windows - “Update” and “Add New” check boxes will now be automatically unchecked on selecting/checking “Delete”

AP Invoice Combined Adv Billing - Fixed issue of DMT rejecting invoice for InvcDtl#LineType != “J” or “M”

What version of DMT are you running?


I’ve been trying to upload an AP Invoice with Job details and I just can’t. The group, invoice header and line get created successfully but not the job details and I’m going out of my mind.
I used Carol’s template (J Tab) and still nothing…

Something I noticed is that Epicor tells me that "Invoices Line amount cannot be different than G\L Distribution Total when I try to add a new line just to see what else i need to fill in.

The DMT version: – Can it be that with this one it just can’t be done?


I did total all the job detail amounts to put in the line detail amount for the J type line (Invoice Line 1). I totaled all the gl account distributions to put in the line detail amount for the M type line (Invoice Line 2). I loaded the J type first and then the M types second. The third invoice line is an M type and it equals the other two lines as a credit to balance the invoice to 0. The weird thing is that this only seems to work if I put the APInvExpTGLC#TGLCTranNum to 0 on the first gl line and 1 for the rest of the gl lines per invoice line. I’m not sure if this is the correct way. We are still in testing mode to see if this works for us. The DMT version we are running is for 10.1.600.

Hi Team

Having an issue loading our invoices using DMT. It is returning:

Table: APInvHed Msg: A valid Invoice Number is required.

Can anyone assist with this error or how we can reformate. I have attached a copy our our test upload. Using the APInvoice Combined Method. DMT for 10.1.400.

Thanks for your help team!

Send Test file.xlsx (8.2 KB)

I had found these error from my test file , there are 2 issue i’m facing.

  1. Window and excel version, i’m didn’t success in excel old version only excel 2016 64 bit can loaded successfully
  2. Vendor id require put ’ in front of the VendorID code .

Hope this can help .

Hi Team

To update I was able to upload a misc invoice but not one related back to a PO. Keep getting this error:

See my upload file for reference.
AP Header SEND.xlsx (11.4 KB)

Thanks for your help

Did you receive the lines? Receipt entry.

Yes. It is sitting in the RcvDtl table. It went to inspection and I passed the whole quantity.

Will it come into a group through the normal invoice processing? Is the receipt perhaps in a closed period? (I apologize, my accounting knowledge is quite limited)

Even though OP said yes … I thought that you could enter AP Invoices prior to the actual receipt. It’s that you just cannot select them for payment unless there’s a matching receipt. Please let me know if this is incorrect.

Yes I was able to create in the invoice using the standard invoice process group method.