DMT or mass create quick entry codes

We want to implement tracking vacation and sick time through time and expense entry for shop employees that usually use MES. I would like to give the supervisors quick codes for every employee to speed up these indirect labor entries. I’ve looked through DMT and can’t find a reference to quick code entry. Any ideas how I could mass update quick codes for each employee?
Or are there quick codes that can be made available to all employees?

I was also hoping to load some quick entry codes with DMT. But it doesn’t look like there is a template for quick entry codes. Another option is to use the grid copy/paste feature but this is not working for us right now (apparently this is a problem with our version of Epicor - 10.2.600.17). It would be really nice to have at least one of these two options so people don’t have to enter quick codes manually.

@tpogue You can use paste\insert option by disabling Kinetic view for form using menu maintenance.

@fakhruddin, thank you. Is it the “Form to Use” option? It is grayed out and set to “User Choice”. Same thing in Tools > Options in the form.