Using DMT to make labor entries

I am making a process that allows a person to type in the hours worked for a group of employees for a given week in an excel spreadsheet. Then once a week the new labor entries get pushed to Epicor using the DMT.

The issue I have run into is that I can’t successfully push any labor records into Epicor. If I only use the required fields that DMT recommends, it says that I am missing a field, screenshot below.

If I go through and add every one of the fields that it says I am missing, I get the “object reference not set to an instance of an object”. I suspect this has something to do with the laborhedseq and labordtlseq generation but that is just a hunch.

Some other details:
We are on Epicor 10.1.4 so we do not have access to the API yet. The customer for this wants this asap and is not willing to wait for the upgrade to get the API.
Ideally, you will be able to type into the excel sheet multiple days, multiple employees and which jobs their hours went to. All of this should happen from the same spreadsheet.
I have made updateable dashboard before but only being able to modify one record at a time, and not being able to add new records crosses off this option as a solution.


For indirect time, I think you need to add LbrHours. In Time and Expense Entry, the required fields are variable depending on what labor type you’re using. For Indirect(I), you need the Code and Hours; for projects(J) you need project, phase, and operation, and for production§ you need job, assmb, and operation. The required fields are required but other fields are required base on the labor type. :slight_smile:

Mark W.

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Here is a list of the fields we use to populate labor records via DMT using “TE Labor Combined” if it helps:

Thank you both!
I was able to get it to work almost exactly like I wanted.

Now I am trying to figure out how to get the pay hours to be correct. It will not let me include payhours as a column in the upload. Below shows the BAQ results of the new records I created today.

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Were you ever able to include payhours? I am stuck with the same problem.

Stacy E

Nope, never got it to work.

try this list of fields … made to use with project jobs - but you can adjust
fieldname samplevalue
Company CCCC
PayrollDate 10/31/2015
Shift 001
ClockInDate 10/31/2015
ActualClockinDate 10/31/2015
EmployeeNum 2710
LaborHedSeq 0
ClockInTime 7:30
ClockOutTime 4:30
ActiveTrans 0
LaborDtl#LaborDtlSeq 0
LaborDtl#LaborTypePseudo J
LaborDtl#ProjectID project1
LaborDtl#PhaseID phase1
LaborDtl#PhaseOprSeq 10
LaborDtl#LaborHrs 1
LaborDtl#TimeStatus A
LaborDtl#ExpenseCode DIRECT


I have the same problem. I get stuck in the error "object reference not set to an instance of an object”. How do you manage to get past it?

This is a sample row of what I got using TE Labor Detail No Header

I’d love some help on this:

Which menu selection on the left in the list in DMT is this based on, please?
I am trying under Time and Expense Entry > TE Labor Detail

I am trying to enter labour on a project by DMT and am also hitting problems similar to the original poster.

I get this error:
Company Cybert EmployeeNum RC1 LaborDtlSeq 0 LaborHed not found (looking for payroll date)
LaborHed not found (looking for payroll date)

My list of fields is as follows;
Company Cybert
PayrollDate 01/31/2020
Shift 1
ClockInDate 03/03/2020
EmployeeNum RC1
LaborHedSeq 0
LaborDtlSeq 0
ClockInTime 07:30
ClockOutTime 17:00
ActiveTrans 0
LaborDtl#LaborDtlSeq 0
LaborDtl#LaborTypePseudo J
LaborDtl#ProjectID SEN001-9495PM1
LaborDtl#PhaseID 1
LaborDtl#PhaseOprSeq 10
LaborDtl#LaborHrs 1
LaborDtl#TimeStatus A
LaborDtl#ExpenseCode DIRECT

Use “TE Labor Combined”

Also try adding


Remove “LaborDtlSeq”

Leave in LaborDtl#LaborDtlSeq

Below is what works for us adding Generic hours for holiday purposes.




That got me a lot closer.
I used the suggested reprocess file which had changed the format ot the time on some fields

It also turned out I didn’t have an operation’ 10’ (I normally do but had to delete it on that particular job, duh!)
And my Expense code should have been the abbreviated ID not the description displaying in time and expense entry. Finally - VOILA!
Thank you so much

Company Cybert
PayrollDate 03/03/2020
Shift 1
ClockInDate 03/03/2020
EmployeeNum RC1
LaborHedSeq 0
ClockInTime 0.3125
ClockOutTime 0.708333333
ActiveTrans 0
LaborDtl#LaborDtlSeq 20
LaborDtl#LaborTypePseudo J
LaborDtl#ProjectID SEN001-9495PM1
LaborDtl#PhaseID 1
LaborDtl#PhaseOprSeq 20
LaborDtl#LaborHrs 9.5
LaborDtl#TimeStatus A
LaborDtl#ExpenseCode EXP
PayHours 9.5
LaborDtl#ClockInDate 03/03/2020
LaborDtl#ClockInTime 0.3125
LaborDtl#ClockOutTime 0.708333333
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i believe it was the labor combined

thank you

This is the DMT setup that helped me (TE Labor Detail No Header) :

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thank you


I want to use the TE labor no Detail, i already have the template and worked ok
but the fields : submitted by and approved by are empty is that OK?
I cannot add these fields to the template

you’ll need to post those at some point…
but i took a quick look at the eDMT .
There is a TIME STATUS field which shows this. I would think you can use it

The status of the time. Values are:
E - Entered
S - Submitted
P - Partially Approved
A - Approved
R - Rejected

I have that field in my template with an A value,
but still is not updating those fields
since are not in list from the DMT template, i just want to make sure that is Ok to have those values empties. I asked Epicor but still no answer

try S - submitted or E - entered

Thank You !
I changed it to S and automatically changed to A and assigned the Approved Date
so now just the submitted by is empty

At least one is done,
Thank You.