DMT release notes on EpicWeb, noting what doesn't work in each version

Different DMT versions have a lot of different broken imports, and Epicor Support recommends flip-flopping to older version to get an import to run. If the DMT release notes showed not only what will be changing, but what is broken (and not fixed yet) this would be hugely helpful. Flip flopping back and forth between several different DMT versions has been a huge pain point. Some simple documentation (on EpicWeb, outside of the app), of what does and doesn’t work per version would save us all a lot of time and frustration. Preferably a table listing all of the versions on one page so that we don’t have to build our own tables to make the notes usable.

Thought this one might be a useful KB article on Epicweb KB0072746

You will need active maintenance to access this link.

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