DMT to Create BOO pulls in multiple resources

I am using DMT to E10.2.100.3 Bill Of Operations. I have a simple CSV file with one part and three operations. The three operations name the specific resource that I want to use under field ECOOpDtl#ResourceID.
I have a resource group defined with 25 different resources (machines - Brake Press). I have an operations master with basic operations like FORM. Under the FORM operation are the seven break presses that I have.
When I run the DMT to build the BOO for the part, instead of pulling in the specific resource that I want, it pulls in every resource that is listed under the FORM operations.
I have checked all of the fields in the DMT for the BOO but cannot determine how to select only the resource that I want for the operation.


One of my colleagues ran into an issue with the 10.2 BOO upload, in that it requires a value in the PrimaryProdOpDtl field. In previous versions this would default to 10, but no longer.

Don’t know if it’s related to your issue.

Do the same add in Eng WB. If it doesn’t add all of the resources then look at the trace file and see what other values were used. I always sent a machine value of 1 which would be 1 resource.