DMT to enter end to fiscal period?

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We have a past fiscal period without an end date and it seems to be keeping us from rolling balances properly. Epicor has a suggested SQL fix but I was curious if this could be handled by DMT?? Can I DMT this end date into the system? If so, what table would I be acting on within DMT setting?

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DMT’ing data in to Epicor uses the BO’s just like using the interface does. Close an order by setting the field in OrderHed, and all the open lines and releases get closed too. And anything that depends on those open lines (like Allocated qtys) gets handled too.

So if it can be done via DMT, it could probably be done via the user interface.

And I must say that an Epicor support person suggesting a direct DB edit is odd. If Epicor confirms that period with no end date is causing you problem, then they should be able to provide a solution (other than suggesting you do a DB edit via SQL)

It’s not that uncommon that they provide the specific SQL fix. I don’t think they are suggestion that the customer just starts writing the SQL to do the fix.l

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That’s what I meant. That they should provide fix. And not just “here’s a SQL script that ypu need to run”, but rather something that runs through the App system.

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They gave us a fix through the data fix workbench. I’m about to run it in our test enviro and see if it resolves issue. Thank you for feedback.