Docstar AP Automation Demo

We are planning to migrate from 10.1.500 to current release this year. We are looking at this as a reimplementation rather than upgrade, and as such we want to include Docstar for AP Automation in the rollout. At a later stage I can see us expanding use to other areas in the company.

Would anyone be willing to do a brief demo over Zoom or Teams for us and speak to possible pitfalls / lessons learned? We want to hear from real users rather than view a canned Epicor presentation.



@psiebers - Sure, we could do that :slight_smile:
I’ve posted a fair amount about our Docstar implementation and am happy to help out. (this will be my 3rd or 4th demo actually - I suppose I should submit my bill to Epicor soon…)

If you search around, you can find a lot of my posts re:Docstar and we discuss quite a bit in this one (search in the last 1/2 of the topic) KKR explores $5 billion sale of Epicor Software - sources - there are others if you search with a few keywords.

Let me know what you are thinking, but know that I’m on holiday from the 16th to the 30th… If you can pull it together, I’m clear today at 3:30 EST and tomorrow morning. Friday is possible as well but I’ve got an ‘optional’ webinar/meeting most of the day that I can pop in an out of. Message email me


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@MikeGross You should get passes to Insights for life from them. I have my workflow review on Friday and will recommend you for a Gold Doc Star Medal :slight_smile:

Thanks for all of the help you have given us on this.

When doing my admin training we found a lot of new content on the learning center for DocStar. but that is probably because I have the license and not generally available before purchase.


Good luck with all of that Greg - and thank you for the kinds words :slight_smile:

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@psiebers We have to postpone the go-live due to bug in integration between DocStar and Epicor with taxes in E10.2.600.10. Please check that whether it’s fixed.

If you are willing please email me an invite as well. My company just purchased DocStar AP and have our first conversation Friday. I would really like to know the real deal.

Marykay Kowalski

WELCOME MaryKay! Glad you could join us!

Sure I am! @psiebers - if you’re OK with it too… I can do a separate session with @Marykay_Kowalski if I need to.

No problem here. You definitely deserve a kickback from Epicor now on the DocStar sales. We are probably looking at next week; early part.

In my earlier post I mentioned that i was out, and my wife has filled my week pretty well (plus we’re travelling)… So I’d like to say that unless it’s tomorrow, it’ll have to wait until the week of the 30th.

@psiebers and @MikeGross. Whatever time you work out I will make myself available. Thank you so very much

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@MikeGross could you add me to that Demo also if possible? It would be greatly appreciated.
Whenever it is I will make myself available.
Mike McWilliams

What’d be good to see is what percentage people are achieving a match with their Docstar IDC ongoing…

we’re looking at starting without IDC enabled (you can have it without) just to get our selves off the ground… the high $$,$$$ figure for enabling IDC is disconcerning, we’re still not particulalry impressed at the storage charges when slow storage is so cheap these days most companies are not charging for it, instead just bundling a few extra $$ to cover it per user.

we’d also like to use Docstar with POD so we can attach the delivery photo’s and sig for each delivery… but then we’d end up with a horrendous data bill.

Anyone who wants to attend - or knows of someone. This will be an informal, very informal, tour of Docstar, AP Automation, workflows, and some of the ways we’re working the system to our benefit. Plus I suspect a lot of Q&A like the last one I did.

How does Friday afternoon at 3pm sound? I’m East coast and I’m not sure where everyone else is…
I’ll set a teams invite on this page just before the meeting.

@psiebers, @Marykay_Kowalski, @mmcwilliams, @mgoodwin

@mgoodwin - we’re just pushing through development of the last of our workflows before we go live with this, but in training we’re getting practically 100% recognition of clear/legible invoices after 2-3 are trained. We are quite impressed with the IDC (Ancora version).

@gpayne - how’s the project going?

@MikeGross We only got through the IDC training before we ran out of time and that seems good, but have not gotten the initial workflow training yet.

OK -We’re doing this on Friday at 3pm…



Contact me if you missed the meeting.

Joining shortly

Nice presentation. You didn’t happen to record it did you? I missed the first half hour.