DocStar - Attach Drawings to Job/Part using a DocStar WorkFlow

Does anyone know if its possible to have Docstar pick up drawings from a folder using batch import and then attach the Drawings to the part or the job in E10 automatically with a workflow?

It’s possible with the Epicor AP Invoice Automation integration, you get some pre-made workflow actions that do it (create attachment link). There may be a way to do it via the datalink workflow task too if you have that package (that’s what the premade actions use).

It’s possible. You need the additional licenses @Asz0ka mentioned to do it. DocStar out of the box can’t do this.

Thanks @chaddb/@Asz0ka. i think i found a document with more detail on how to use the Attach File to ERP Datalink


Would you be willing to share a link to that document, I am looking for a way to do this.

@cbastijanic, this is actually easily done without using the AP Automation, as long as you have the ‘integration’ piece installed/licensed. It provides a ‘write-back’ datalink to Epicor so you can attach to any Epicor entity that allows for attachments. It’s easy to sue once you get the idea of workflows under your belt. The Docstar client piece cna batch import, watch a folder, etc. and as long as there is a small XML file with the same name as the drawing file, you can have it amp those fields and drop the drawing into the workflow that will write back to Epicor as an attachment. Of better, if the drawing has a barcode, and you have the license, it’ll just read the barcode for you. We’re currently doing this with our job travelers off the production floor when a job is finished.

This may be the doc that was referred to…

DocStar Creating E10 Attachment Links.docx (40.5 KB)

We are new to Epicor and DocStar and need some advise on how to use it. We have been on Epicor for 4 months now but just getting DocStar installed and have no idea how to use it. Are there any good videos to teach us? We are a manufacturing company and need to attach documents to Traverlers, Quotes, Packing List, and Invoices.

Welcome @rking !!
You question is very broad and this might not be the best forum for starting from scratch. There are a number of us how use DS but most of us are also fairly new and/or somewhere in their implementation. There are some great resources on the Docstar education site, and there are some great implementation consultants out there.

I’ll tell you that you need to have a good amount of system/setup knowledge to plan a document storage structure. It’s not hard, just a bit to it is all. Once you have Epicor and DS talking, and Epicor Document Types set up (which sets them up inside DS automatically), then you’re almost there.

Then take a look at Epicor’s Advanced Printing and Routing (APR) which should’ve been part of your DS licensing. If it wasn’t, yell at your CAM :slight_smile: APR is part of the Report Style setup for SSRS reports (doesn’t work with Crystal, so you might have to migrate from Crystal to SSRS to really use it).

In the report Style there is a place to do Break/Routing using a BPM-like designer, and in there is a Docstar widget to pull files from DS and attach them to Epicor forms being printed. There are a few posts on this site that discuss that APR part.

Good luck with your implementation, and post when you have something specific. I could speak with your team if you have some specific topics/questions - I won’t do training :slight_smile: but I’ll help if I can. Also, I can give you a good consultant’s name if you want it - PM me directly.

@rking The Epicor Learning Center has a DocStar side which you should have access to. It uses your EpicWeb logon. There are 319 videos there that cover from basic administration to AP automation.



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